Walley & Bristol

Due July 13th

Both of these dogs are gentle, easy-going souls who love being around other dogs and people. Walley has produced several service dogs in training for our partner organization, United States Veteran Service Dogs, and has several littermates that are service dogs as well! Bristol shares the same steady temperament and sweet disposition. We are expecting lovely darker yellows with temperaments similar to the parents in friendliness and work ethic.

Walley 7.jpg

Walley is a handsome cinnamon color with that big mushy face everyone adores. His temperament is amazing and he always has kisses and cuddles for anyone he meets. He is one of the most relaxed and calm dogs you will ever meet!

Ridge View Out of this World


Bristol is a sweet little gal with a great desire to please. Bristol enjoys being around people and is great with other dogs. She is one of the resident office dogs that loves taking walks on the farm and snoozing under the office desk.

Ridge View Bristol