Sketch & Sparta

July 23rd

These two are going to produce some of the best tempered puppies out there! Sketch is a silly and loving fellow that gets on well with absolutely everyone. He is kind-hearted with a heart of gold. In the house, he is well-mannered and mellow. When it's time to work, he is focused and steady. We absolutely adore this boy. 
Sparta is a gentle girl with an incredibly sweet and loving personality. She is never far from her human and melts for pets and tummy rubs. She is friendly and loving to everyone! We are expecting the puppies to share in all their parent's qualities in looks and temperament. They will make fantastic family companions, therapy dogs, and possible service dog prospects.

Sketch is a good-looking boy with a great disposition toward every person he meets. He loves playing fetch and swimming in any water he can find! He is good with children and mellow in the house. He has great focus and trainability.

RidgeView Sketch in Red

Sparta is a sweet, kind girl with an easy-going temperament and a strong desire to please. She loves being by her people and follows you wherever you go! She loves hikes on the Ridge and carrying her toys around. Sparta gets on well with everyone she meets and is an absolute pleasure to be around.

Ridgeview's Heart of Sparta


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