Sketch & Charley

August 10th

We are expecting a wonderful combination of looks, ability, and intelligence from these two exceptional dogs! Sketch is a good-natured, friendly fellow with a strong desire to please and a goofy, affectionate personality. Charley is a gentle soul and a naturally talented retriever that LOVES to work. We are expecting the puppies to be more of the same with gentle natures, friendly dispositions, and a strong desire to please.

Sketch is a good-looking boy with a great disposition toward every person he meets. He loves playing fetch and swimming in any water he can find! He is good with children and mellow in the house. He has great focus and trainability.

RidgeView Sketch in Red

Charley has a strong desire to please and lives to retrieve. Her natural retrieve drive paired with her intelligence makes for a talented retriever in the field. She has a naturally soft mouth and solid carry. Charley is a kind and gentle dog with people, children, and other dogs. She has incredible people-focus and loves to work.

Ridge View's Charley


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