Our Work With Service Dog Organizations

Coming from a military family and being a veteran herself, Donna Reece, the founder of RidgeView, always felt passionate about helping our country's veterans. Combining this with her passion for dogs seemed like the next logical step. The human-connectivity, willingness to please, and calm disposition that RidgeView dogs are known for make them excellent candidates for service dog work. We've donated many of our girls to programs across the country that share our ethics and goals when it comes to breeding the next generation of quality Labradors. We are proud to say that our work with these organizations has produced many successful service dogs for veterans in America! 

DISCLAIMER: We do not train service dogs here at RidgeView and we do not guarantee that any dog purchased from us will be successful as a working service dog. However, we feel that seeking dogs from parents and pedigrees, like ours, that have successfully produced service dogs in the past along with working with professional trainers knowledgeable in training dogs for service work gives you the best chance of acquiring a successful prospect. We temperament test all our puppies in-home to find the best fit for future trainers and families but we STRONGLY encourage you work with a professional trainer or reputable organization in helping you evaluate and train your service dog prospect.