Seal & Ariel

August 10th

We are very excited for this pairing! We are expecting gorgeous, blocky heads, calm and steady temperaments, and friendly dispositions. Seal has produced several dogs already that are in training for service dog work and Ariel's sire, Ridgeview's Frozen Olaf, is a top producing service dog sire for our partner, United States Veteran Service Dogs. We are expecting very similar calm, steady, and highly trainable temperaments from their pups. This litter will be born in Iowa.


Seal is a sweet and well-mannered guy that absolutely loves to please. He is incredibly gentle and very affectionate with a steadfast disposition. He is intelligent and highly-trainable while remaining calm in all situations. Seal produces well-rounded pups with his beautiful conformation, steady temperament, and strong desire to please.

AKC Champion Pointed
Ridge View Ottertail Harbor Seal

Ariel 2.jpg

Ariel is a gorgeous, happy girl that loves to be by her people! She is a people-pleaser with a friendly and easy-going temperament. She is always rocking that adorable smile and loves to go on adventures!

Ridgeview's Under the Sea