Jameson & Truly

Due August 9th

We are expecting light cream puppies with incredibly affectionate dispositions. They will have a strong desire to please and a high trainability. We are also expecting their parent's lovely light cream coats and gorgeous heads and expression.

This litter will be born and raised in Ohio with our partner, Nora. 


Jameson, is an energetic, fun loving, playful boy who is everyone’s best friend.  He is very good with children and other animals, and his curiosity about everything can be quite entertaining.  He is very attentive and loves to relax and cuddle with people.

CH Shadowdale's Jameson at Cal-i-co RN WC

Truly 3.jpg

Truly is a sweet and affectionate girl that loves to be by her people! She is always ready for an adventure. In the house, Truly is calm and well-behaved. She is an easy-going dog that loves being a couch potato.

Ridge View Truly Scrumptious