Herkey & Kellie

Due July 20

We are expecting these two to produce beautiful, blocky-headed puppies with mellow and easy-going temperaments. They will be easy to train and friendly with low key dispositions. Herkey has sired multiple litters for service dog organizations and has several of his puppies in training with these programs! Kellie is a gentle, kind girl that loves to please. We expect a classic English look with puppies in the 60-80 lb. range once full-grown.

Herkey is a huge, friendly couch potato. He is mellow, easy-going, and patient with children. He absolutely loves cuddles and is the resident teddy bear at his house. Herkey loves wandering the farm and chasing his dad around on the four-wheeler. He is a big guy at about 90 lbs.

RidgeView Herkey Hawkeye

Kellie is an easy-going girl that loves to please. She loves to be around her humans and never wanders far. She is patient, gentle, and kind to everybody she meets. She likes retrieving toys and following her humans around the house. Kellie is about 60 pounds of love... She is a HUGE cuddler!

Ridge View Kellie


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