Extended Training Program

Dogs and Puppies must stay a minimum of 2 weeks. We recommend between 1-3 months of extended training depending on the desired proficiency of commands. Enrolling in this program requires completion of the Amazing Puppy Program OR an equivalent training level. Puppies must be a minimum of 12 weeks old to enroll in extended training.



Extended House Training

Dogs in this program are living in a trainer's home 24/7 and will be taught house boundaries such as asking to go outside to use the bathroom and how to relax in the home. While these pups will need to be retaught the boundaries of your home once they complete the program, they will have a strong enough foundation in housebreaking and house manners to easily transition into their forever home with minimal effort. Depending on the level of training completion, we expect entirely housebroken dogs that know how to be calm in the home and respect house boundaries well.


Advanced Obedience

Dogs in this program will continue to improve on the consistency and duration of known commands. We further proof the obedience commands of "sit", "down", "stay", "place", and introduce a "leave it" command and a formal "heel" at the handler's left side. Your dog will become proficient in these obedience concepts and practice them in more distracting environments such as pet-friendly stores, parks, restaurant patios, and around other dogs. At this point, we will also teach a calm mindset when in public and around people ensuring your pup does not jump, bark excessively, or pester people in their vicinity. Your dog will wait for a release on food, whether it be theirs or in immediate proximity, and they will respect boundaries such as gates, counters, and tables.


Basic Retriever Foundations

For those who hope to eventually have their Ridgeview pup as a hunting companion, we offer some retriever basics during extended training prior to enrollment in our Started Gun Dog Program. This is for pups that are not yet old enough to go through hunt training, whether through us or elsewhere, but who will eventually become a gun dog. Along with the advanced obedience foundation, we will also have your dog doing marks on land and water, beginning to learn steady on marks, listening to gunshots in correspondence with a mark, and introducing them to bird and bird scent.