Crispin & Kit

Due July 19th

This lovely pair is the ultimate combination of looks and smarts! Crispin is a good-natured guy with a strong desire to please and a loving personality. He is also a fantastic retriever with a good head on his shoulders in the field! Kit is sweet, intelligent, and loving. She has an excellent natural retrieve and an affectionate disposition. We are expecting kind and loving companions that will be perfect for an active family or hobby hunter. The puppies will have gorgeous, blocky heads and beautiful black or yellow coats.

Crispin 10.jpeg

Crispin is everybody's best friend. He loves going on hikes around the farm and running alongside the four-wheeler. He is a friendly and outgoing fellow with an affectionate personality. He is a calm and focused retriever with a good off-switch in the home.

RidgeView Black Scoter JH

Kit 6.jpg

Kit is a sweet and gentle girl with a good head on her shoulders. She is clever and has a nice natural retrieve. She loves hiking the farm with her buddies and using her huge, chocolate eyes to get her way!

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