Cloud & Sleet

Due July 24th

These two will produce beautiful light cream pups with mellow and easy-going temperaments. Cloud is an affectionate, silly boy with a heart of gold. He is calm in the house and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Sleet is a sweet and kind girl with a very steady personality. These pups will be a great combination of brains and beauty!

Cloud is a sweet and affectionate boy that loves to please. He is a silly and constant companion that loves making you laugh with his antics. His goofy personality is paired with a heart of gold. Cloud loves to retrieve and go on long hikes with his buddies. He doesn't know a stranger!

AKC Champion Pointed
Ridge View's Cloud Nine

Sleet is a medium-sized girl around 65 pounds with a light yellow coat. She is very calm and good-natured. Sleet has a high desire to please and is a good retriever. Sleet is intelligent and well trained, she is one of our favorites to go on nursing home visits. She is very mature and not much startles her, she is a steady gal and one we love to have by our side.

Ridge View's Sleet


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