Caretaker Program

Occasionally, Ridgeview offers our pick-of-the litter puppies and adults at lower prices to exceptional homes as part of our caretaker program. These dogs and pups are the litter favorites that we consider our very best quality from our 40 years of experience evaluating temperament, conformation, health clearances and pedigrees. These dogs live with their families full-time and only return to Ridgeview for raising pups or to sire a litter as needed. Upon their retirement, they remain with their caretaker family permanently. This allows Ridgeview to keep superior genetics in our breeding program with a lower number of dogs in our kennel.

Eight-week-old puppies that enter our caretaker program have a $1,000.00 adoption fee. Adoption fees for trained adult dogs will vary based on age and training and will start at $1,000.00. We will also require a signed contract, and a healthy feeding and exercise schedule.
Join the caretaker program to help us raise the next generation of legendary Labrador Retrievers!

To view the Caretaker Program Contract, please visit below.