Caretaker Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I have to live to be a caretaker to a Ridge View dog?

We ask that you live within 4 hours of traveling distance of one of our branches (Iowa, Ohio, Louisiana, North Carolina) or be willing to transport the extra distance when the dog is needed.

How much does it cost to get a dog from the caretaker program?

We have an adoption fee of $500.00 and up depending on training for each caretaker dog. When the dog is retired, they are spayed/neutered and you get to keep them forever.

What do I have to do with my Ridge View dog?

This is a loaded question. You have to love them unconditionally! The everyday cost of having a dog is also your responsibility, such as food, water, exercise, extra training classes, and normal vet bills. Ridge View covers all the breeding costs, such as: registration, OFA clearances, eye clearances, blood work, and breeding equipment for the dog.

We ask that families set up an exercise plan such as walks, hiking, pool days, fetch, and dog parks so our dogs stay fit and healthy. It is very, very hard to breed an overweight dog and is not good for the dog or the people involved. We also like our dogs to be fed a quality food such as what we use at our facilities or one that is the same quality. Otherwise, the dog is your family companion.

Caretaker dogs are on full AKC registration. What does this mean for me?

Since caretaker dogs are a part of our breeding program they are on full registration. Because of this, Ridge View is kept as the dog's owner on the paperwork in order to retain all breeding rights. Ownership of the dog is transferred to the caretaker family upon the dog's spay or neuter at the time of retirement. 

Full registration also means your dog is eligible to be shown in conformation. You are more than welcome to show your dog but are responsible for the cost of the shows unless another arrangement is made beforehand. 

Ridge View may reach out to you to request showing the dog if they show great potential in that area. If Ridge View shows the dog, the costs will be handled by Ridge View.

How often will my dog have to visit the facility?

We only call the dog back to the facility for breeding purposes. You may also be required to help transport the dog to a veterinarian for breeding health clearances.
In females, the dog is bred from after 2 years old to around 5 years of age. This is around 2-3 litters. The family would notify their contact at Ridge View when the dog shows the first signs of coming into heat. Their heat cycle can last as long as 1 month, we then have to wait another month for an ultrasound if the female is confirmed pregnant. From there, the female would stay and whelp at our Ridge View facility and would be weaned from her litter at 7-8 weeks. We average 3 litters from each female and then retire them. The female has to be spayed before the family gets full rights after the female is retired.

In males, the dog reaches maturity at 2 years of age and can be called to sire a litter at any time of the year after that point. The length that a male stays at the farm depends on the female we are breeding them with. We progesterone test all of our females to scale when they are ovulating to get the best chance of a pregnancy. That can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks (as long as a female's heat cycle). Males can be used to sire litters until they are no longer producing, which is around 8 years of age. We may retire males early if we have an offspring that could replace the male's spot in our breeding program. Males have to be neutered before the family gets full registration rights.

Do I get compensated for the litters my dog produces?

YES! Investing in our dogs has rewards! 
For females, the family will get $100.00 for each litter a female produces.
For males, each time the male "visits the facility" the family is paid $100.00 if there is a litter resulting from the breeding, regardless of if the male is used to breed a Ridge View female or a female owned by another breeder. 

We also offer discounts for our families on puppies they may wish to buy that are produced by their caretaker dog!