Caretaker to Ownership Contract

Name:________________________________________ AKC #:__________________ Microchip #: ______________________________

For the sum of $________, this dog will be cared for by:
Name: _______________________________________
Address: _____________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________
Email:  ______________________________________

1. Caretaker will be primary custodian for this dog. This dog will reside with caretaker as a companion/sport dog. Caretaker will be responsible for all expenses related to care of dog including food, veterinary expenses, and day to day living expenses.
2. Ridge View agrees to pay for all breeding related health clearances.
3. Ridge View reserves the right to enter and compete with this dog in any AKC events, Ridge View will cover the cost to show this dog, and Ridge View will keep all awards received.
4. If caretaker wants to enter and compete with this dog in any AKC events, the caretaker will be responsible for expenses and will keep all awards received unless other arrangements are made or Ridge View approaches the caretaker about showing the dog.
Initial: _______

5. Ridge View owns all breeding rights to this dog and will make all breeding decisions.
6a. If dog is female: Caretaker will receive $100 for each litter the dam has.
6b. If dog is male: Caretaker will receive $100 for each litter sired by the male.
7. Ridge View will be responsible for managing all matings.
8. Caretaker is responsible for paying $5,000.00 to Ridge View if the dog is killed or injured in a way that the dog can no longer be used for breeding.
Initial: ________

9. Caretaker agrees to involve this dog in exercise/work out programs to ensure good weight and muscle tone.
10. Caretaker agrees to feed this dog high-quality nutritious food.
11. Caretaker is encouraged to attend a Basic Obedience Training class and/or Canine Good Citizen Training class. This helps build a bond between owners and dog. This also ensures an easy transition when visits to Ridge View are required.
Initial: _______

12. If for any reason caretaker cannot keep this dog or moves more than 100 miles away from their current location to Ridge View; this dog will be returned to Ridge View unless other arrangements are made.
13. Caretaker is responsible for getting dog back to Ridge View (or a Veterinarian Clinic selected by Ridge View) in a timely manner when requested and will cover any extra needed fees to transport the dog for breeding-related reasons.
14. Ridge View will give this dog their AKC registration name. Caretaker is responsible for working with Ridge View in giving this dog their call name, if they are already not named.

Caretaker Signature: ________________________________________________

Ridge View Signature: ______________________________________________


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