Adult Labradors Available

We occasionally have trained pup’s,  young adults or retired adults we are proud to offer to great homes.  All of these dogs are our pick of the litter favorites we have chosen to keep and train. We try to match each family or individual with the right pup or dog . All of these dogs are raised in the house and well socialized and available as family companions and /or started gundogs.  Price depends on levels of training and pedigree.  Please check out the dog’s listed below and give us a call for more information

We are now offering training packages.

When trained adults become available we will list them here.


We are proud to announce our new partnership with Mannerd Muttz.  LisaMarie is our Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, chief trainer and will be working closely with Donna Reece and Alicia.

Puppy Starter Programs for
Ridge View Labrador Puppies

The below programs are designed for puppies that have been “started” by the breeder, Ridge View Labradors, via implementation of the early neurological stimulation, early scent introductory systems, in addition to week to week stimuli appropriate environmental changes according to development. All puppies are required to be vet checked before being picked up by or delivered to any representative of Mannered Muttz & /or K9 Constructions. Clients are responsible for any and all vet care should dog need it according to contract, and we request that client discuss and decide what kind of food client would like puppy to eat, and provide that during the months of training as well.

Description of Lisamarie & Eric link to bios

Foundation Package Tier 1
8-12 weeks $1500

  • Beginning Crate Training
  • Beginning Potty Training
  • Appropriate Socialization Exposure
  • Stair Training
  • Basic Obedience with no-minor distractions
  • Commands include: Sit, Down, Wait, Loose Walk, Leave-it, Here
  • Item Recognition Training
  • Car Training

Tier 2 of Puppy foundation
12-16 weeks $2100

  • Concentrated Crate Training
  • Concentrated Potty Training
  • Appropriate Socialization Exposure increased from Tier 01
  • Stair Training continued
  • Basic Obedience with elevated distractions distractions
  • Commands include: Sit, Down, Wait, Loose Walk, Leave-it, Here
  • Item Recognition Training continued
  • Car Training continued

Tier 3 of Puppy foundation
16-20 weeks $2600

Increased intensity on all things achieved in Tiers 1 & 2 with a pronounced emphasis upon Basic Obedience with heavier distractions in various environments (increased levels of generalization) Commands include: Sit, Down, Extended Wait, Loose Walk, Beginning Off-leash work, Leave-it from floor and from height, Here